What to Expect

There is SO much going on during Missouri Bead Retreat weekend, it can be a little overwhelming. We communicate all information on Facebook, so pleas be sure to join us at MBR Discussion Group to get the latest news on classes, events. The group is a GREAT place to ask questions for all our newbies!

The retreat is a relaxing atmosphere to hang out and relax with other glassy-minded artists and their families.  We eat, torch, laugh, torch, play games, torch, drink and craft. Want to know what happens during retreat weekend? Check out some of the activities we host during MBR!

Chinese Auction
Be a part of our annual gift-giving… er… stealing event! The weekend wouldn’t be complete without the Saturday evening Chinese Auction (CA) event! It’s similar to a White Elephant or Rob Your Neighbor gift exchange.  The main difference is, unlike a White Elephant, we’re exchanging for gifts we actually want.

Everyone who is participating will place their wrapped gifts in a pile. Each person will then draw a number to determine when it’s their turn to pick a gift. The first person drawn will select a gift from the pile and unwrap it.  Then, the second person drawn can either pick another gift from the pile, or steal the first’s. If the second person chooses to steal, the first person will get to pick another gift from the pile.

This process continues until all gifts have been selected from the pile. Each gift will have a limit of 3 steals to keep the CA from lasting hours. Minimum amount in a CA gift is $25 and all gifts should be wrapped. Also, gift items should be limited to flameworking or jewelry-making items.

Classes & Workshops
We offer a variety of classes and/or workshops for attendees to take during the retreat and current classes can be found at the MBR Discussion Group. In the past we have offered:

• Silver Cored Beads
• Seed Beading
• Copper Etching with Salt
• Silk Dyeing
• Bead Crochet

Gallery & Swap Meet
On Saturday, MBR hosts a Gallery Show in Alhonna’s banquet hall! This fun event is a great opportunity to showcase the craft of flameworking to each other as well as other resort patrons in a stress-free show environment. The Swap Meet (when retreat attendees sell leftover glass and/or jewelry supplies) will be held in conjunction with the Gallery Show! This frees up time Sunday morning for more classes!

MBR Bead Retreat Store
Each retreat has a particular theme. Items such as t-shirts, mugs and posters in our CafePress store. Past retreat designs are also available on CafePress.

Pandora Bead Exchange
Starting with MBR IX, we started the tradition of the Pandora Bead Exchange. On Saturday night, after the Chinese Auction game, Pandora Exchange participants gather together and share their designs, then distribute their beads. We normally have anywhere from 20-25 retreat attendees participate, divided into two groups.